with my help and guidance!

Have you wanted to sell your home but the thought of dealing with years of stuff and the preparation for sale is just too daunting? I can help.

  • I will help you to declutter, clean, paint, do any necessary repairs, have a landscaper come in and clean up yard, mulch, trim and plant flowers and stage your home. A typical Jacki O flip requires approximately $10,000-$12,000 with about a $50,000 or more return.

  • I lend a no-interest loan to sellers who have equity in their home with a note tied to the property to help pay for the contractors and service people if needed.

  • Myself and my team will physically commit to helping 2-3 days a week aiding in disposing and moving the clutter and junk. We have a work truck and trailer available for clients free of charge.

  • I act as forewoman, collecting quotes and meeting different contractors. All bids are approved by the sellers before work begins.

  • I have group of low cost handy people, painters, flooring, tile and contractors to pull from. Over the 17 years I have acquired a team of reliable, honest, dependable and reasonable service people.

  • I work with sellers advising what needs to be done to get the most bang for your buck. I often stop people from doing unnecessary work that experience has shown me won’t return the money back sufficiently in the sale.

  • I have a design background so I will help with color choices, flooring, and other choices. With my combination of design and real estate background, all the choices are in your best interest to gain more equity for you for the sale.

  • Typically with the seller and my hard work, we can have a house ready to put on the market in approximately 30-40 days, depending on the amount of work needed.

  • I have a storage unit full of updated furniture. I will stage the living areas of your home before the professional photographer comes in for pictures.

All this is included in my commission fee without any extra charges. Staging alone is usually $1500-$2500. My free services will save you thousands and get you many thousands back. With my 1200 sales and design background you know you will be in good hands guiding you through the rehab of your home.

I want YOU, the seller to gain more of your hard earned equity and not some investor preying on people in distress. I look forward to working with you in rehabbing your home.

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